hello...and hello again!

To all of you who have been with me since the start, hello, friends! I'm glad you're still here--what a crazy road it's been. To those who are new, welcome! There's no way to adequately describe how excited I am for the next step. Evertherapies is born from my deep desire to educate and provide quality therapy services to everyone, no matter their age, mobility, or need. Everyone can benefit from massage therapy, it's just a matter of discovering what works best.

every body. every stage of life.

My passion has long been in orthopedic massage and helping with pain management. Whether you have persistent trauma or disorder that causes pain, or you are transitioning out of physical therapy or from surgery, there is a massage therapy that can help. I've noticed that as healthcare becomes a challenge for more and more people, they have begun to search for different ways of treating pain, preventing illness, and supporting longevity.

every body. every stage of life.

In addition to continuing my orthopedic massage therapy, Evertherapies will offer sports massage, prenatal massage, Deep Massage, Body Mobilization Techniques,

and many others. In addition to these in office services there will be off site services such as chair massage available.

Stay with me, there's more!

I'm so happy to now be a provider for the CLASS program in Texas. If you or someone you know may qualify, use the link for more information. It's been life-changing and awe-inspiring work! The CLASS program is able to provide at home therapy care for those with an intellectual or physical disability diagnosed before the age of 22.

every body. every stage of life.

Finally, Evertherapies will soon offer our Exclusively Senior program, that provides for consistent, highly specialized at home massage therapy for seniors. Stay tuned!

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